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George III

The 12 Children of James & Mary Foulke Boone:

James Boone continues in his Old James Boone Genealogy:

"The Times of the Births of the Children of the said James Boone Sr, and Mary (his first Wife), set down according to the New-Stile. The Place of their Births is Exeter Township, Berks County, in Pennsylvania."


( 1) Anne Boone was born about 5 in the afternoon 1737 Apr. 14

( 2) Mary Boone was born about 1 in the Morning 1739 Jan. 28

( 3) Martha Boone was born about 5 in the Afternoon 1742 July 11

( 4) James Boone, junior was born about 5 in the Morning 1744 Feb. 6

( 5) John Boone, junior was born about 2 in the Morning 1745 Nov. 21

Deceased at 10 o’clock at Night, in the 28th Year of his Age 1773 Mar. 29

( 6) Judah Boone, was born about 3 in the Morning 1746 Dec. 19

"departed this Life on the 15th Day of May, A. D. 1787 on the third Day of the Week, at fifteen Minutes after Midnight, aged 40 Years 4 Months & 3 Weeks & 5 Days, that is, he was in the 41st Year of his Age; and was interred in the Friends Burying-Ground at Exeter on the fourth Day of the Same Week."

( 7) Dinah Boone was born 1748 Mar. 19

Deceased 1748 July 17

( 8) Joshua Boone, was born about 4 in the Morning 1749 Apr. 4

( 9) Rachel Boone was born about 3 in the Afternoon 1750 Apr. 21

(10) Moses Boone was born about 3 in the Morning 1751 Aug. 3

(11) Hannah Boone, was born 1752 June 14

Deceased 1752 Aug 15

(12) Nathaniel Boone was born & died in the Year 1753; being 5 Weeks old at his Decease



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Source: The First 5 Generations of the George Boone Family Presented by The Boone Society, Inc

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