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William Tribble Boone

1 Apr 1850  -  1937

Ninth Generation

L: Ermal Clark Boone       M: William Tribble Boone     R: Paul Bert Boone

G Grandson  Boone with his mother (Ermal Clark Boone, wife of James Boone) visiting William Tribble Boone.


William Tribble Boone was born in 1850 and married to Sarah Melissa Jones in 1873. He was a lifelong resident of the Brandywine Twp., in Shelby, Indiana.   After the death of his wife, Sarah, he went to live with the Sitton Family. His daughter, Dora, married into the sitton family. So he lived with his daughter's in-laws, a picture of Hazel Sitton is below.

Here is information published about William Tribble Boone as recorded in Gerald Collins' book.

children of Wm Tribble Boone page75.jpg (452434 bytes)



Hazel Sitton Woost

Hazel Sitton Woost  (Mother-in-law to Dora Boone Sitton)


One of his son's was named William Albert Boone of which is our  G Grandfather.




Husband's Name
William Tribble BOONE (AFN:V2TN-C8) Pedigree
Born:  1 Apr 1850 Place:  , Brandywine, Shelby, Indiana
Died:  1937 Place:  , Greenfield, , Indiana
Married:  21 Sep 1873 Place: 
Father:  Benjamin H BOONE (AFN:V2TN-RB) Family
Mother:  Mary Ellen PAULLIN (AFN:V2TN-3V)

Wife's Name
Sarah Melissa JONES (AFN:V2TN-DF) Pedigree
Born:  1848 Place:  <, Brandywine, Shelby, Indiana>
Died:  1912 Place: 
Married:  21 Sep 1873 Place: 

1.  Sex  Name
F Dora B. Boone       
Born:  1872 Place: 
Died:  Place: 
Buried:  Place: 

2.  Sex  Name
M Orville Boone
Born:  1879 Place:  Shelby, IN
Died:  bfr 1932 Place: 

3.  Sex  Name
M William Albert Boone       BOONE HISTORY
Born:  25 Apr 1885 Place:  Rowan, North Carolina, United States
Died: 1950 Place: Greenfield, IN

4.  Sex  Name
M Edgar H. Boone 
Born:  9 Jul 1887 Place:  Yadkin District, Rowan, North Carolina
Died:  24 Sep 1932 Place:  Carthage, Rush County, IN
Buried:  Place:  Park Cemetery, Hancock County, IN


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