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James Boone

13 Apr 1909  -  24 Aug 1964

Eleventh Generation


James Boone was married to Ermal Clark Boone. James was the father of our father, Mr. Boone.  James Boone re-married in the 1940's to Mary Boone in Indiana.  Ermal Boone re-married to Isom Boggs and had two children: Mike Boggs and Sue Boggs. 

James Boone had one son which was our father.


Husband's Name
James Boone
Born:  13 Apr 1909 Place:  Shelby, Indiana
Died:  24 Aug 1964 Place:  Shelby, Indiana
Married:  Place: 
Father:  William Albert Boone 
Mother:  Jennie Buckles Boone

Wife's Name
Ermal Clark
Born:  Place: 
Died:  1982 Place:  Muncie, IN

1.  Sex  Name
M Boone            BOONE HISTORY
Born:  1932 Place: 
Died:  2003 Place: 
Buried:  Place: 


Source:   PBBoone Family Records