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Edward (Ned) Boone

Fifth Generation




It has long been understood that Edward Boone looked like his older brother, Daniel. (Draper Mss. 2C53). Edward and Daniel married sisters, Martha and Rebecca Bryan, but the brothers’ similarities may have ended there.

While Daniel was off exploring the woods and cutting new trails, Edward stayed home with his family in Wilkes County, North Carolina. Edward and Martha had six children, Charity b. 1760, Jane b. 1762, Mary b. 1764, George b. 1767, Joseph b. 1768, and Sarah b. 1771. It was during these years until 1779 that Edward was a community and church leader in NC.

He served on juries, was a road surveyor, a tax collector, and a constable. (Wilkes Co. Court Minutes, June 1778)

Although for many years the Boones had been Quakers, Edward was baptized in the Mulberry Fields Branch of the Dutchman Creek Baptist Church, Jan. 22, 1774. It was said he loved to sing. He served his church as a deacon and a clerk (Draper 23C10). He was "called Ned by his family and friends," says his grandson Edward Boone Scholl, and Edward Boone "was "a peace man." (Draper Manuscript 23C17.4)

On September 9, 1779, Edward entered 200 acres of land "lying on Beavers Creek adjoining to Thos. Henderson Beginning and running so as to include his improvements." (Wilkes Co. Land Entry Book N. p. 393)

Only about a month later, in October 1779 he made that fateful decision to move his family to Kentucky with Daniel who was leading a large party of family members there for the promise of free land.

Edward and Martha hastily gathered their family and all their belongings and joined the other family members from NC. In Draper Ms. 23C17.4, Edward Boone Scholl said, "Edward Boone packed 22 horses in addition to the ones the family rode."

They traveled through the Cumberland Gap, up the Wilderness Trail, and settled at Boone Station not far from Ft. Boonesborough, arriving December 22, 1779. Fifteen other family members shared the station. (Draper letter from Edward’s daughter, Sarah, Mss. 22C55)

Gerald E. Collins in his book "Edward Boone (1740-1780), p. 7, says "The Virginia government had authority to issue land certificates for 400 acres where a settler’s right of occupation was established. Hearings began October 13, 1779. If the settlers in NC were to receive valid land claims, it was imperative that they return to Kentucky and submit their claim. Thus a large group from NC set out for Kentucky in October 1779. The exodus was described by one man as like an army movement, and when they camped for the night, would be in a string a half-mile long.

After meeting with the Virginia Land Commission, Daniel Boone, his brother, Squire and his son, Israel, established their claims and were granted lands by the commission… Edward apparently did not receive any land.

He continued living at Boone Station, caring for his family and hunting for food to also share with the Bryan family at Bryan Station. Joseph Bryan was his father-in-law and one of the founders of Bryan Station.

Because the area of Boone Station was so remote and traveling to the county seat was dangerous at best, Edward was one of the signers on May 1, 1780, of Petition #12 that resulted in splitting Kentucky County, Virginia, into 3 counties: Jefferson, Fayette, and Lincoln. Part of the petition reads, "That the Militia Inhabitants of the north side of Kaintucky amount to about 400 with 11 fortified posts … that the nearest settlement to the Courthouse is at least 40 miles and the farthest about 70 miles … that the River Kentuckey is rendered impassable half the year by high waters & is ever inconvenient and Dangerous …" The petition was approved by the Virginia Legislature.

Edward had lived in Kentucky less than a year when on October 6, 1780, he was killed by Indians (probably Shawnee) while he and Daniel were returning from the Blue Licks to make salt and do a little hunting.

They stopped along a stream in Bourbon County to rest and let their horses drink. Edward sat down by the stream near an old Buckeye tree and was cracking nuts, while Daniel went off into the woods in pursuit of game.


Indians lurking nearby shot and killed Edward but Daniel managed to escape. He ran all the way on foot to Boone Station (about 40 miles) where they were all living at the time. The next morning Daniel and a party of men in the area went in search of Edward’s killers. They did not find the Indians, but found and buried Edward near that old Buckeye tree.

Today in that very spot stands an old Buckeye tree, perhaps grown from a seedling of the original tree. The creek was afterward named Boone Creek in honor of Edward’s death there. As Jeff Johnson, a descendant of Edward Boone, says of the death site, "the bubbling sounds of the stream running over the rocks is probably the last sounds Edward heard as he lay dying."

Ned’s daughter, Sarah Boone Hunter, in a letter to Draper (22C60) said "My father was killed 40 miles from the Station. He was stabbed in 7 places; his fingers were horribly cut with the Indian’s knife. He was scalped and part of his clothing were taken off. I think his coat and pantaloons."

Although still a young woman, Martha never remarried and remained in Kentucky until her death.


Husband's Name
Edward BOONE (AFN:462P-JD) Pedigree
Born:  19 Nov 1740 Place:  Exeter Twp., Berks Co., Pa
Christened:  7 Aug 1774 Place:  Buried At "boone's Sta Farm" Nr Athens, Ky
Died:  6 Oct 1780 Place:  Blue Lick, Clark, Kentucky
Buried:  Place:  Boone's Sta Farm, Nr Athens, Ky
Married:  1758 Place:  , Yadkin, Yadkin Co, North Carolina
Father:  Squire BOONE (AFN:202C-ZR) Family
Mother:  Sarah MORGAN (AFN:2W3V-WG)

Wife's Name
Martha BRYAN (AFN:9T5T-5T) Pedigree
Born:  19 Nov 1740 Place:  Exeter Twnshp, Berks Co., Penn.
Died:  6 Oct 1780 Place:  Clarke Co., Ky
Buried:  Place:  Boone's Creek, Fayette, Kentucky
Married:  1758 Place:  , Yadkin, Yadkin Co, North Carolina
Father:  Morgan BRYAN (AFN:9FDC-29) Family
Mother:  Martha STRODE (AFN:9FDC-5S)


1.  Sex  Name
M Joseph BOONE, SR. (AFN:V2TM-68)       BOONE HISTORY Pedigree
Born:  Abt 1760 Place:  , , Rowan, North Carolina
Died:  1847 Place:  , Shelbyville, Shelby, Indiana
Buried:  1847 Place: 

2.  Sex  Name
F Charity BOONE (AFN:V2TK-PK) Pedigree
Born:  11 Oct 1758 Place:  Yadkin District, Rowan, North Carolina
Died:  7 Apr 1843 Place:  , Winchester, Pike Co, Illinois
Buried:  Place:  Claywell Cem, Winchester, Scott Co, Illinois

3.  Sex  Name
F Sarah BOONE (AFN:V2TL-18) Pedigree
Born:  6 Mar 1771 Place:  , , , North Carolina
Died:  18 Jul 1866 Place:  , Dry Valley, Putnam Co, Tennessee

4.  Sex  Name
M George BOONE (AFN:V2TK-VF) Pedigree
Born:  28 Apr 1767 Place:  Rowan, , North Carolina
Died:  10 Jun 1841 Place:  , , Davis, Kentucky
Buried:  Place:  Philpot, Daviess, Kentucky

5.  Sex  Name
F Jane BOONE (AFN:V2TK-T8) Pedigree
Born:  18 Sep 1762 Place:  , Rowan, Rowan Co, North Carolina
Died:  1 Dec 1812 Place:  , Feliciana Parish, , Louisiana

6.  Sex  Name
F Mary BOONE (AFN:V2TK-ZX) Pedigree
Born:  5 Dec 1764 Place:  , , Rowan, North Carolina
Died:  28 Sep 1825 Place:  Stoner Creek, Clark Co., Kt



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